Mini Course: Developing True Confidence

Mini Course: Developing True Confidence

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In this easy to follow and valuable course we’ll touch on the concept of true confidence and help you develop and strengthen your own confidence with three videos and a beautifully designed workbook.

By the end you’ll really understand that developing confidence is one of the kindest gifts you can give yourself and others!

Plus we’ll give you the tools you’ll need in a beautifully designed and thorough workbook that will help you find your own patterns of insecurity & fear to overcome and replace limiting beliefs.

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This course includes:

1. Your very own and beautifully designed pdf workbook.

This workbook will help walk you through the process of making a lasting change in one specific area you struggle with on this topic through writing prompts, creating your own mantra and action items.

"Some mini courses give you a simple one to two page print out, but we think the workbook is actually the most important part of the course! So this workbook really helps walk you through the process of making a lasting change. It helps you dive deep and understand the root of your problem or struggle and gives you the tools to take action and most importantly how to keep going when you run into obstacles. In short, it’s kind of our new favorite thing!"

2. Includes three short, value-packed videos of the course through slides/audio to teach you the concept of true confidence.

3. Includes an audio only version of the course on true confidence