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How to Have Confidence in Any Situation

When I was a kid, I was pretty sure everyone else had things figured out and I was the only one who wasn't sure who I was supposed to be, how I should act, and who to play with at recess. I had a really hard time in social situations throughout my whole childhood and hated feeling scared and insecure all the time. I just knew that wasn’t who I really was. At home, I was confident, funny, and interesting. But nobody got to see that besides my…

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How To Be a Full Time Mom and Run a Thriving Creative Business

You probably wish you had just a couple extra hours in your week, right? Just a couple more hours would solve the perpetual problem of feeling behind on all the things. I have definitely caught myself thinking this more than once. But no matter how much time I have, it’s never actually enough. Is that true for you too?..

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