Find Your Purpose- Full Course

Find Your Purpose- Full Course


Wish you had a little more direction and confidence when it comes to your future? Well, this course does just that!

Through videos & a beautiful workbook we’ll help you find your purpose, set meaningful goals & create the life you really want to live!

This full course includes:

  1. Access to a private web page where all the course material is housed so it’s easy to consume and come back to again and again

  2. Four short but info-packed videos that teach the material with plenty of real life examples that walk you through the three different modules. You can watch as many times as you'd like. They'll educate you on how to:

  • 1. Uncover your purpose.

  • 2. Create your future with goals &

  • 3. How to find joy along the way.

3. Option to download the audio if you prefer to listen on the go

4. The PDF of the slides so you can always review the content easily

5. A beautifully designed workbook that not only feels good & looks good, but is designed to give you direction and confidence through helpful & fun exercises in each module. There are pretty pictures, encouraging messages & plenty of space to write during each exercise so you can apply all that you've learned into real life.

6. Email access to Laura and Kristin throughout in case you get stuck or could use a little personal guidance

*Once purchased we’ll get your workbook ready to ship & email you a link with access to our online course page where you can access the videos and any other info you made need. Can’t wait for you to enjoy it!

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