Ep. 46 What We Learned About Progress, Creativity and Faith in 2018

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In this episode, we take a look back at last year and prepare for a purposeful new year.

We talk about what we each have learned this year from applying The Progress Project to our lives, including conversations about:

  • Starting a new project

  • Morning routines

  • Recognizing and owning our confidence

  • Using mantras & creating trigger thoughts

  • Giving up people-pleasing

  • Developing greater faith and reliance in God

We also talked about what to do when you don’t achieve your goal, the practical ways we have found spiritual guidance in our work this year, and what we’ve learned about doing that consistently.

Plus, a look behind-the-scenes of the podcast -- how we work together, how we’ve leaned into our strengths and divided responsibilities, and our favorite things about working together.

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Highlights from What We Learned in 2018

When you’re starting a new project, don’t worry about the how.

Just do the first thing.

You just need to be excited and passionate about it enough that you keep going when you hit the obstacles.

We’ve learned that we don’t need to be overly concerned about numbers when we’re growing something. Starting small has lots of benefits! Remembering that numbers are individual people you can serve, help and inspire has helped us as we’ve started small.

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What we each have learned in 2018 from applying the progress project to our lives:

Kristin: morning routines, confidence - recognizing the confidence that I already had and owning it and accepting it in myself. Reliance on God, getting learning and information from scriptures rather than learning in other ways

Laura: making fewer decisions (autopilot), mantras and creating trigger thoughts, agency and giving up people-pleasing. Unshakable faith in God, going to God first as the true source of guidance rather than other sources

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