Just take one step at a time

Just a Little Reflection


If you told Kristin and I a year ago that we were going to start a podcast together that would turn into a little business helping others and ourselves live life with more purpose, creativity and joy, we would have said that sounds amazing!

But we'd probably say, "Wait, we have so many questions for you!...like..."How could we do that? What would the podcast be about? Wait how do you make a podcast?... What would we call it? How would we get people to listen? Wait Kristin & I don't even live in the same state, how would that work? How could we record with Laura's loud neighbor (aka mr. baby)? Would we make a good team and work well together? Wait we'd create products and mini courses? Who are we to do this? How would we do all this? Would anyone benefit from it?"

Like I said we'd have lots and lots of questions! 

That's why we are so excited and proud to announce the opening of our online shop. Not only are we starting to sell products, but it means that all the little things we've done this year have added up to create something that benefits our lives and those around us, like you! 

So if you have something that you're wanting to do, but are afraid to start or have lots of questions like, "How would it work? I'm not qualified to do this? I've never done it before..." We are living proof that you just take ONE step at a time and all those little steps really do add up!

You don't have to know all the "how's" you just have to solve one problem at a time, use trial and error and keep going, keep trying, keep having fun, keep working and keep creating and keep asking God for help.

We are still using trial and error and solving one problem at a time, but we've really loved learning, growing, laughing at ourselves and creating together! We can't wait to do much more in the coming months.

xoxo Laura & Kristin