Ep. 39 Living With More Gratitude in Your Everyday Life

Ep. 39 Living with more gratitude in your everyday life..jpg

In this episode, we chatted about gratitude and how we can go beyond the sometimes cliche expressions we tend to talk about around Thanksgiving and truly remember everything we’ve been given.

We’re talking about:

  • Why we forget to be grateful, even for the things we once wished and prayed we could have

  • A few specific ways we can remember more often

  • How we can truly show that we are grateful for something or someone

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Episode Recap

“It comes down to doing things that invite the Spirit more into our lives, which leads us to feel gratitude. It could be reading scriptures, going on a walk, just not being distracted so you can invite the Spirit and feel a sense of gratitude.” -Laura

A few of Laura’s favorite ways to invite more gratitude in simple ways:

  • A gratitude journaling practice

  • Looking back on photographs of certain times or people we’re grateful for or when your prayers have been answered

  • Creating photo books

  • Telling your children of times when your prayers have been answered

  • Just being vocal about everyday things you love or are grateful

“The more grateful we are for something, the more we need to really treasure it.”

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Laura’s Favorite Thing: Rifle Paper Journals

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