Ep. 8 Continuing Relationships After Death

How to continue relationships after death

Inspired by the anniversary of Laura’s dad’s passing, we’re talking today about how we can maintain and nourish relationships with loved ones who have passed away. Laura shares how she has stayed close to her dad and some profound experiences she has had.

We also discuss how to develop relationships with family members we never met in life by learning about them and how that can help us recognize their continued presence in our lives today.

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show notes

Here are all the links and some details that we talked about in this episode.

Laura's favorite thing: A beautiful painting by the artist Annie Henrie Nader. It's titled "Angels Among Us." 

Kristin's favorite thing: A fabulous book by Chris Cleave called, "Everyone Brave is Forgiven."

Letter on Grief

“My very dear Alan,

I know your sorrow. And I know that for the likes of us, there is no ease for the heart to be had from words or reason and that in the very assurance of sorrow’s fading, there is more sorrow. So I offer you only my deeply affectionate and compassionate thoughts and wish for you only that the strange thing may never fail you, whatever it is that gives us the strength to live on and on with our wounds.



-Samuel Beckett letter on grief to Alan Schneider

Our friend Natalie's tender and profound thoughts she shared with us for this episode 

I full heartedly believe that angels do surround us and God will not leave us comfort less. We were given these relationships for a reason and we don’t have to wait until eternity to develop and feel closer to them.

I still haven’t figured out the best ways but I try hard to look at commandments and things God has blessed me and look for ways to implement them to Primrose verse how I thought and planned on doing things if she was here.

It would be a cruel thing to think God meant for me to do things for my children and to just forget her so I’m holding tight that I’m meant to still fulfill those responsibilities for her. It stretches my mind to points where I feel like I might break and yet I think that stretching has allowed so much enlightenment at the times I needed.

Because I constantly look to apply things in two ways (both for poppy and primrose) I feel like my mind an heart are making room for more possibilities to enter in.

I don’t feel like I’ve developed much of a relationship yet as it feels so one sided but I do believe it’s because I’m laying the groundwork for those possibilities to happen. When grief hopefully isn’t so consuming that I’m able to step back and allow her to fill in the gaps. That is my ultimate hope.
— Natalie

You can find more of Natalie's writings and beautiful thoughts at http://searchingforprimrose.blogspot.com/

Wow what a beautiful and tender topic. We really hope that this episode helped you feel peace, comfort or inspired you to cultivate those very special relationships with those who have passed away. We hope they can continue to be a very special part of your life as the years go on. 

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