Ep. 34 How to Stop Procrastinating Your Dreams

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In this episode, we’re diving deep into a conversation about procrastination!

It can be such a huge problem for so many of us and hold us back from the things we truly want to accomplish. Laura shares two reasons we procrastinate and how to overcome them both. We each share how we’re working on overcoming the temptation to put off the important stuff -- especially the scary, uncomfortable, big things that will lead us toward accomplishing our goals and dreams.

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here's a recap of what we talked about:

In today’s episode we wanted to dive a little deeper into procrastination since it can be such a huge problem for so many of us and hold us back from the things we truly want to accomplish.

There are a couple reasons we procrastinate on things:

  1. It’s an inconvenient time or just don’t want to make the effort.

  2. Fear! (Could be fear of success, failure, lacking in another responsibility, etc)

We both have learned that the more you procrastinate something, the more you prolong feeling bad. Instead of feeling dread or guilt every time you think about what you need to do, just do the task as soon as possible and save that negative energy.

Another idea is to batch all the things you’ve been procrastinating into one chunk and get them all over with in a couple hours!

A few ways to help you take the next step even when it’s scary:

  • Set a deadline (one that’s realistic but also pushes you a bit)

  • Have accountability -- tell people

  • Just take the first step

  • Use momentum to your advantage (by doing the first thing you get a surge of confidence and excitement)

  • Write down those times you’ve taken the next step (create a “ta da!” list)

  • Have faith in God -- we can only do so much on our own

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