Ep. 35 I'll Be Happy When...

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How often have you caught yourself saying, “I’ll just be happy when _______”??

We all find ourselves believing that if only our circumstances were different that we would be happy. But it’s that very sense of discontent and frustration that prevents us from feeling how we want!

In this episode, we’re talking about how to find lasting contentment despite circumstances. We share the ways we each find this feeling, including how Kristin found it while experiencing infertility.

This episode is perfect for anyone feeling frustrated with life in any way: infertility, wanting to get married, wishing for a better job, wanting more money, or waiting for just about anything.

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here's a recap of what we talked about:

Today, we wanted to talk about those times we all say, “I’ll just be happy when _______.”

Where we wish something was different and we think that if our circumstances could just change (whether it’s getting a job, having a baby, selling a house, making more money, a loved one changing or apologizing, etc.) that we would be happy.

It’s that sense of discontent, frustration, and wishing things were different that prevents us from feeling peaceful and joyful in our lives.

I (Kristin) used to think when we were in that place, we were stuck in sadness or frustration. I didn’t know there was an option to feel differently!

The way I think of it now is in striving for contentment. To me, happiness is fleeting, but contentment can provide a foundation for a truly peaceful life, no matter what the outside circumstances are.

When we choose to be content, we get to have control.

In the episode, we talked about letting things be however they’re going to be. Because guess what?! They’re going to be that way anyway! You might as well let go of the resistance and the pain that brings.

Find your own definition of “enough”

What if you could believe this sentence: “Whatever I have is already enough. Anything else I’m blessed with is a wonderful extra bonus.” No expectation, no entitlement. Just acceptance and gratitude.

While experiencing infertility, I asked myself, “What if this is it? What if what I have now is all I’ll ever have??” This question helped me find purpose in my life despite not being able to fulfill the role of a mother at that time.

Make your life exactly what you want it to be EVEN IF nothing ever changes

This idea is so exciting to me: You can make your life exactly what you want it to be, even if nothing ever changes! Ask yourself: If I don’t ever get this thing I want, what kind of person do I still want to be?

Don’t let the thing you don’t have define you or become your identity. When you know your purpose beyond your circumstances, that purpose will last no matter what happens.

If you read this or hear this episode and feel like you still don’t understand how to apply this to your specific circumstance, email or message us! We would really love to start a conversation to help you figure this out and find this in your own life.

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