Ep. 43 How to Feel Less Frazzled During the Holidays

Ep. 43 How to feel less frazzled during the holidays. The Progress Project.jpg

As wonderful as the holiday season is, it’s easy to slip into overwhelm and stress with all there is to do. In this episode we’re chatting about how to have the exact kind of holiday experience you dream of by simply choosing how you want to feel ahead of time.

We talked about:

  1. Choosing your own experience (and the times you may actually choose being frazzled and why that’s okay!)

  1. Picking a word to guide your feelings over the next few weeks (gratitude, wholeness, anticipation, peace, excitement, joy, etc.)

  2. Deciding to let go of anything that causes stress but isn’t worth it

  3. Thinking about quality over quantity for experiences, moments, and gifts

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links mentioned in this episode:

Kristin’s Favorite Thing: Leslie Odom Jr Christmas album

Laura’s Favorite Thing: Holiday Gifting Checklist from our friend Catherine at Bestowe Gifting +  a great blogpost on top 5 tips on ensuring holiday gifts have meaning.

Mini Course: Don’t forget to check out our mini course on Developing True Confidence. I (Laura) have taken it and have already noticed a big difference in a few areas of my life where I never thought I’d be able to change! I can’t recommend it enough!

How can we feel less frazzled during the holidays?

Well you get to choose! You actually have a lot more control over your holiday experience than you think.

  • If you want to make a million neighbor gifts, make sure everyone in your extended family has gifts, keep up on all your traditions, send out fancy cards, plan busy family get togethers...then go and do it! Just remember you get to choose!

  • Maybe there are a few things you choose to cut out this year or just simplify so you can be more present with your family or not feel so hectic. It’s up to you! You get to choose.

  • Think quality over quantity for experiences, moments and gifts

  • Remember to let go of what you don’t have control over

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