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Ep. 80 Intentional Learning

In today’s episode, we’re talking about how to approach our learning and education with more intention. We are in constant information overload, so it’s easy to spend so much time consuming knowledge that we feel overwhelmed and frustrated -- or we don’t take the time to apply what we’re learning. We’re talking about how to…

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Ep. 52 Having Enough Money

We’re finally talking about MONEY! Money is one of those practical conversation topics that is so hard to talk about since we all think and feel so differently (and so emotionally!) about it. In the first of two episodes about money, we’re talking about why a healthy mindset about money is just as important, if not more, than the practical stuff. We chat about…

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Ep. 19 When You're Too Busy: Doing Better, Not More

In this episode, we’re talking about being BUSY. So many of us seem to be living in constant busy-mode with all the things on our schedules and more we want to fit into each day. We think about, stress about, and talk to each other about just how busy we are. But we wondered if it really needs to be this way. Is there a way we can simplify our schedules? Or even leave our schedules the way they are but change how we think and talk about them? What if 24 hours was really all the time we needed in a single day?

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Ep. 12 Overcoming Worry and Anxiety

Today our conversation is for the chronic worrier. Both of us have always been the worrying type so we shared a few tips and strategies that have helped us overcome it.

We discuss the question that can help you find out whether your worrying is excessive and three specific tips to help you stop those anxious feeling in their tracks. We also talk about how worrying is a choice and how to use it as a “trigger thought” to replace worry with a better feeling like gratitude or peace. Finally, we talk about many of our worries just being thought habits that we can change for our benefit.

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Ep. 9 Getting Started With Minimalism

Today’s conversation is about minimalism. And for a topic all about LESS, this podcast ended up with MORE info than we usually record... clearly we’re still figuring out minimalism ourselves! We think of minimalism as clearing the clutter to make room for what’s most important. It’s freedom from whatever is excess that weighs you down. We talk about

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Ep. 7 Making Space and Time for Rest

Our episode today started as a chat about giving yourself permission to rest and evolved into a meaningful conversation about how busy-ness is not the same as truly being needed. We explored how to find a true sense of contribution in your life and what to do when you aren’t sure of your purpose. We also talked about creating boundaries for work vs. family time and shared some practical tips on making space for the rest we all crave in our hectic days.

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