Ep. 50 What The Progress Project is All About

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50 episodes! We’re celebrating making it this far by sharing what we’re really all about here at The Progress Project. We always say we love talking about purpose, creativity, and joy, but what does that really mean? What’s our vision for what we’re doing with this show? And who are we actually talking to?

Hi! We’re Kristin and Laura! We share:

  • Our favorite principles related to purpose, creativity, and joy

  • The changes we’ve made in our own lives because of these ideas

  • The difference between purpose and joy

  • A peek into our soon-to-be-released course all about these things

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TakeAways From the Episode!

  1. What The Progress Project is All About

    Kristin and I say every episode that we’re talking about living with purpose, creativity, and joy, but if we were a little more specific we’d say:

    We help people who believe that their lives could be better -- we help them feel more confident and empowered in their ability to create the life they really want!

    We do this through our weekly podcast episodes and our online courses.

  2. You’re in the right place if…

    1. You want to find more purpose in your day-to-day life

    2. You feel like there’s something lacking that would help you find that sense of purpose and growth

    3. You want to make more time for what you love

    4. You want to find and lean into your identity outside your roles

    5. You are creative! (whether you realize it or not!)

    6. You like making goals & talking about what’s most important in life

    7. You want to stop feeling so overwhelmed and frazzled

    8. You who want a real, lasting change in your heart and soul, not just in your surface-level actions

  3. Three Core Principles we always focus on at The Progress Project

    1. Purpose

      We chat about: Finding & Living Your Purpose, Confidence, The Power of Thoughts & Creating a Daily Spiritual Practice

    2. Creativity

      We talk about things like: Finding what lights you up creatively and excites you & doing more of it & actually creating the future you want & plan for it!

    3. Joy

      We focus on: Finding happiness now & being content. How to Live a better story, giving yourself grace and making time for rest.

That’s a little more about The Progress Project! We’ve found that our lives are so much sweeter when we live life with more Purpose, Creativity and Joy! We’d love for you to do the same! So feel free to check out a podcast episodes (The Progress Project) that speaks to you, get a hold of our freebie -becoming the best version of yourself or look into one of our mini courses that help you take action!

If you really resonate with what we are all about then our Full Course -Find Your Purpose, might be the perfect fit for you!! Get a sneak peak at our full course HERE.

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