Ep. 49 Living More Adventurously

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In this episode, Laura shares why she is so passionate about living with more adventure and how we can make room for adventure in the everyday, no matter what season of life you’re in or where you live.

We chat about:

  • What it really means to be adventurous

  • How to overcome excuses for not getting out in the world

  • Fitting a little adventure into your own life and current circumstances

“It’s all about getting out there. Being adventurous isn’t always comfortable. It’s about learning, growing, experiencing something new.”

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Take Away’s From the Episode!

  1. Getting past the excuses

    You can live with more adventure NOW! You don’t have to wait for more money, more time, when your kids get older, the summer months etc.

    You can come up with excuses of why you can’t be adventurous or you can adapt and figure out how to live adventurously with your current circumstances. If it’s important to you, you can make it happen. You get to choose!

  2. Decide what YOU want!

    Not what you think it should look like, but what do YOU want it to look like?

    What did you love doing that you don’t do anymore? What do you wish you could do more of? If you could dream big, what would you want to do?

  3. Try coming up with your own definition of adventure.

    This helps you compare your lives to others less and get to really enjoy the life you choose to live.

    Being adventurous doesn’t have to mean climbing a huge mountain or going skydiving. It’s all about getting out there. Being adventurous isn’t always comfortable. It’s about learning, growing and experiencing something new.

  4. Add adventure into your life in LITTLE ways

    Your whole day or week or month doesn’t have to look adventurous, but how can you add in little adventures throughout?

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