Ep. 4 How Using Mantras Can Change Your Life

How using mantras can change your life

In this episode, we're discussing mantras: what they are and how to incorporate them into your life. Laura tells us how to get started choosing a phrase or word to focus on and Kristin shares how using mantras while going through infertility and IVF pretty much cured her anxiety.

Don't forget to check our show notes below for some really great freebies for this episode! 

Show Notes 

Here are all the links, pictures and freebies for you that we talked about in this episode. 

Laura uses a happy light to get through winter! (This is not the exact one but very similar!):

Kristin is loving working through The Curated Closet to improve her wardrobe.

Laura's rainbow bookshelves:

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Our FREEBIES for you this week

We're so excited about these freebies for you this week! We have mantras that are already beautifully made for you or a worksheet you can go through to create the perfect mantra to help you through whatever you are struggling with. 

We're are super excited to be giving away these five beautiful printable Mantras that were made by our lovely and talented friend Diana Hulme. Guys, they are so pretty!!

If you need some kind words for yourself, these positive mantras are perfect for that! Click HERE and we'll be sure to send you all five so you can choose which one is perfect for you! 

The 5 printable mantras are:

1. Nothing has gone wrong here

2. I can do hard things

3. Love, not judge

4. Presence is perfect

5. Everything is as it should be 

Here's a sneak peak of how they look! You can print your favorite one out and put it on the fridge, your desk or even in a frame if it's your mantra for the whole year. Ooh they might even be super cute in a children's room as well! 

We also created an awesome Create Your Own Mantra printable worksheet.

It walks you through a couple steps of how to create a mantra that is specific to you and the season of life you're in.

This is a good one! Click HERE to get your printable worksheet emailed to you or click on image below. 

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