Ep. 15 Improving Your Marriage By Improving Yourself

How to Improving your marriage by improving yourself

In this episode, we share how focusing on our own mindsets and improvement has drastically influenced each of our marriages for the better.

Laura shares how she and her husband have created such a uniquely special relationship and how to create an environment of love, kindness, and fun in a marriage.

We kept coming back to the theme of creating an environment/atmosphere of love in your marriage. We focused on wanting to make marriage easy for your spouse, want family time to be fun/easy, not another cause of stress in his life

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Our Favorite Things This Week:

Kristin: Victoria -Kristin is loving this T.V. Show about Queen Victoria

Laura: Last weeks Freebie that went along with episode: 14 Becoming the person you want to be. This freebie has the best questions to ask your future self and what to do once you've asked them. Laura's been loving it! If you are already apart of our email list you have access to all our past freebies in our content library. If not you can sign up HERE to access all of them! 

Links Mentioned in this episode

Kristin mentioned a podcast episode that literally changed her mindset on marriage! It's Brooke Castillo's Podcast: The Life Coach School, episode #139: Someone to Love. 

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