Ep. 48 Finding Your Magic Hours

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In this episode, we’re talking about the time we all have that is JUST for us -- we’re calling them magic hours. These are the pockets of time where you don’t have to take care of anybody else or worry about other people's priorities. Magic hours are completely yours for spending however you like: on creative projects, on your spiritual practice, a side business, or just relaxing with Netflix or a book.

We talk about how to find those hours, use them proactively, and make the most of them. We talk about:

  • Deciding what your priority is for your magic hours -- how you want to spend them and making a plan for them ahead of time

  • Managing the transition time between tasks and the trick to jumping right in where you left off

  • Laura’s amazing tip for keeping your energy up from morning to evening

  • Finding when you have the most mental or physical energy for the things you want to do

  • Discerning what prevents you from using that time well

  • How asking for and claiming help from God makes up the difference between what we’re able to do and enough

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Take Away’s From the Episode!

  1. Notice what times of day you work best. When is your mind most active and when do you have the most energy? Use that time for high-priority things that use most of your brain power.

  2. Make a decision at a certain point before the week begins of how you’ll spend your free time.

    Take 10 minutes to look at your week at a glance -- find the pockets of magic time and insert your to do’s in those blocks of time

    Write down a simple daily routine you can follow -- it might change day-to-day but you’ll have planned system for your days to guide you on where you truly want to spend your time

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