Ep. 52 Having Enough Money

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We’re finally talking about MONEY! Money is one of those practical conversation topics that is so hard to talk about since we all think and feel so differently (and so emotionally!) about it. In the first of two episodes about money, we’re talking about why a healthy mindset about money is just as important, if not more, than the practical stuff.

We chat about:

  1. How to stop feeling anxiety, guilt, stress, and lack and start feeling freedom, gratitude, and generous about money

  2. The ways money reflects our state of emotional health

  3. How we can decide that what we have right now is actually enough

  4. Making room for differing perspectives on money with an open mind and no judgment

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Take Away’s From the Episode!

1. What is enough? What if we just decided that what we have was ENOUGH?

Could we choose to be settled in our financial lives, knowing we’re always going to be wishing for more money?

Money is similar to time -- time is finite, but kind of malleable . Money is always coming and going. “There’s more where that came from…”

2. We get to choose how we feel about money!

Instead of telling yourself “We can’t afford that” what if you said “I can buy whatever I want” -obviously you can’t anything and everything, but know that if you really want or need something you always find the money for it. It’s your choice! Take ownership!

3. Give yourself the freedom to make the choice of what you want to buy and then take a breath… now what do you choose? Leaving guilt behind.

4. Money is a perfect reflection of the state of our emotional health

We can choose to feel Generous, grateful, ease, plenty & like we have enough vs. lack, anxiety, guilt

5. Being generous even if it’s in a small way & showing gratitude reminds us what is truly enough for us!

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