Ep. 53 Practical Tips for Managing Money

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In today’s episode, we’re sharing a few practical ideas for managing money with more freedom, confidence, and ease.

We covered:

  1. Kristin’s current system for tracking income and expenses

  2. How to create a better flow throughout the month with your money

  3. The value in using shorter periods of time to budget

  4. Why you don’t have to feel guilt and frustration about your debt

  5. Using limitations to your advantage, especially in saving money

  6. Deciding how you want to FEEL about your money

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Practical tips for managing money.jpg

Take Away’s From the Episode!

  1. We really like using the words “track your money” instead of budget because it feels less restricting.

  2. What do you want to feel when managing your money?

    1. Kristin wants to feel freedom when it comes to her financial life

    2. Give yourself enough freedom SO you can prove you can trust yourself with the rest of the money. You can loosen the reins once in a while without going crazy.

  3. Use trial and error to create a system that works for you!!

    1. Remember you can always “tweak and repeat”

  4. A few little tips

    1. Put as many things on auto-pay as you can, including savings.

    2. Make room for gratitude & generosity

    3. Leaving room for it all to work out on its own — it really always has for me.

    4. Giving yourself an allowance: I manage my own allowance differently than the “family” money. I’m more careful.

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