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Ep. 82 How to Create the Perfect Evening Routine

We talk a lot about having a morning routine but what about an evening routine? Evenings are a great time of day to make some intentional choices ahead of time and create a daily rhythm that helps you wind down and relax from your day. In this episode, we’re talking about: 7 steps to take when…

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Ep. 28 The Secret to Accomplishing Big Goals

When it comes to goal-setting, this year has gone pretty well for the two of us and today we’re chatting about why. We share what monthly activity keeps us both on top of our progress for the big things we’re working on, how to stay focused on a simple list of your priorities for the year while also keeping up on the things you’re already doing well, and what the biggest factor is when it comes to moving the needle on making big things happen.

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Ep. 20 The Practice of Finding Work Life Balance with Catherine Weis

Today we’re chatting with Catherine Weis, founder of Bestowe Gifting. She is a mom, works full time, and runs her online business curating unique gift boxes. We talk about the struggle to balance it all and discover that we never truly “figure it out.” Instead, we find that striving for balance is always a practice.

Plus Catherine offers all of our listeners an awesome discount towards her beautiful and unique gift boxes!!

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Ep. 13 Helpful Tips for Documenting Family Life With Kylie Whiting

Today we’re sharing our first interview-style episode with a conversation with photographer and designer Kylie Whiting. Kylie shared her top three tips for photographing your children, her method for organizing and backing up all those photos we take, and how she creates her beautiful family yearbooks. We also discuss how we each approach documenting family life beyond photography.

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Ep. 9 Getting Started With Minimalism

Today’s conversation is about minimalism. And for a topic all about LESS, this podcast ended up with MORE info than we usually record... clearly we’re still figuring out minimalism ourselves! We think of minimalism as clearing the clutter to make room for what’s most important. It’s freedom from whatever is excess that weighs you down. We talk about

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