Ep. 55 Planning Your Next Adventure With Emily & Erik Orton

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We are excited to have the Ortons back on the podcast today to talk about planning your next adventure. Whether you’re planning a trip, a new creative project, a business, or your next set of goals, Emily & Erik are experts at using planning as a tool but not letting it hold you back from getting started.

We chatted about:

  1. How planning is just a process of learning and discovery

  2. How to be sure you’ve chosen the right adventure in the first place

  3. Erik’s amazing concept of “marinating” to prepare for the world you want to be a part of

  4. The importance of a rough draft or a first pass at something new

  5. How to stop getting bogged down by planning and DO THE THING!

We LOVE talking with the Ortons and are so excited about their new book that is now available!

Find it anywhere books are sold or at www.sevenatsea.com.

Listen to the episode below or wherever you listen to podcasts by searching the progress project. Listen on itunes by clicking here and picking ep. 55

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We LOVE talking with the Ortons and are so excited about their new book, Seven at Sea that is now available!

Get to know them better at www.sevenatsea.com.

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