Ep. 56 The Power of a Daily Spiritual Practice

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Today’s episode is all about the incredible results we’ve had from incorporating a daily spiritual practice. A spiritual practice is all about setting aside a few minutes each day to connect spiritually -- whatever that means to you. It could be meditation, prayer, scripture study, journaling, or any other activity that centers you and sets you up for your day.

We talked about:

  1. A spiritual practice providing a time and place to be present with God & connect

  2. How we can access God’s time

  3. The 5 aspects of a spiritual practice: meditation/breath, prayer, learning/study, receiving, and visualization/faith practice

  4. Laura’s practice to simplify prayer and watch for answers

  5. Finding better answers through asking better questions

  6. Kristin’s visualization practice that is creating exciting results

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Notes & Quotes From the Episode

When working on a spiritual practice, ask yourself: HOW CAN I BE WITH GOD?

“Make the time something that’s really special to you and that you look forward to. You’re not doing it because you have to but because it’s something that really fills you up. Do something small and simple that you love. Make that indispensable. And then you can expand on that once it becomes a habit. “ -Kristin 

“Think of a spiritual practice like a cup that you fill each morning as you pray, study, journal, or meditate. You fill the cup full of spiritual reserves that you then use throughout your day. You can’t use reserves that you haven’t taken time to replenish.” -Kristin

Kristin’s 5 Aspects of a Spiritual Practice

1. Meditation/breath

2. Prayer

3. Learning/study

4. Receiving

5. Visualization/faith practice

All About Dependency on God

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“We meet with Him, go to the Word, linger in its pages, pour out our hearts to Him in praise and pleading, not to be merely more knowledgeable, have more tools, be more literate, or do our duty… but to enter into our Father’s embrace of intimacy, freedom, trust, and dependency — all of which we can’t know apart from KNOWING HIM and spending time with Him. Relationship will always be a greater motivator than ritual.... He’s already there, waiting for us — with welcome and arms open wide. We only need to COME.”

-Ruth Chou Simons. On Instagram @gracelaced

“When righteous patterns and spiritual yearnings join, time and eternity come together.”

- Gerritt Gong from a talk titled: Our Campfire of Faith

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What Could Your Spiritual Practice Look Like?

Think of one way you could make your spiritual practice a little more special. We’d love to hear!

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