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Ep. 55 Planning Your Next Adventure With Emily & Erik Orton

We are excited to have the Ortons back on the podcast today to talk about planning your next adventure. Whether you’re planning a trip, a new creative project, a business, or your next set of goals, Emily & Erik are experts at using planning as a tool but not letting it hold you back from getting started. We chatted about…

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Ep. 45 Happiness with Kristin's Dad: Jim Hoddenbach

Today’s episode is extra special -- we have an interview with Kristin’s dad! Anyone who knows him knows that Jim Hoddenbach is an extraordinary person. He’s a pilot, expert aircraft mechanic, father of three, grandfather of six, and someone who influences every person he comes across for good. We talked about the elusive concept of…

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Ep. 25 How to Live a Better Story with Erik and Emily Orton

You do not want to miss today’s episode! We’re talking to Emily & Erik Orton, an unconventional couple who left their home in New York City to live on a sailboat for a year with their five kids. We talk about their life philosophy and how they have intentionally chosen to live a better story. They share how to find adventure in your own life without...

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Ep. 17 The Magic of Creativity with Tessa Lee Brown

Today we have an incredible guest with us to talk about the magic of creativity. Tessa Brown is a painter and writer and she tells us the story of deciding to pursue a career as an artist and her amazing experience with visualizing it into reality -- it’s a simple exercise anyone can do to start the process for themselves!

This is one of our favorite episodes ever and we’re so excited to share Tessa’s brilliance with all of you!

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