Ep. 57 Making Mistakes & Feeling Stuck

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In this episode, we’re talking about making mistakes and feeling stuck -- whether it’s a big project you’re working on, family life or a relationship, your work, or a goal of any kind. We all face resistance and obstacles in these things.

Maybe you’ve made mistakes and you think you’re not cut out for this after all. Maybe you get stuck and aren’t sure of your next step. Or maybe you had a big failure and you’re considering quitting.

We talked about:

  1. Embracing and learning from mistakes (and which one of us majorly struggles with this!)

  2. Not using failure as an excuse to stop doing something challenging

  3. Expecting eventual success and being truly committed

  4. Acknowledging your mistakes without overreacting

  5. A few simple, physical things you can do to get moving

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Our Favorites From The Episode

Sometimes we use our failures or mistakes or the feeling of getting stuck as an excuse to stop working at something uncomfortable. Are you finding evidence against or for your ability to succeed? When you look for and even write down what you’ve finished or succeeded at, you’re building evidence for what you’re capable of!

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“The more I’ve trained myself to embrace, acknowledge and learn from my mistakes the more I’ve been able to do new things at a higher level than I ever have before.” - Laura

“I’m okay with making mistakes because that’s how I personally learn…. I think of it as a good thing, a positive thing. The sooner we make a mistake, the sooner we learn how to fix it and how to grow. I can’t grow and progress without making those mistakes first.” -Laura

What kind of difference would it make to expect success? “If I believe I will be successful, it’s not magic -- it’s just that I will do things differently. And if I really believe that this will be successful, then I will continue going through the discomfort, through the mistakes, through the times that are hard or just not fun. All the things that would normally have held me back and made me start believing that I wasn't cut out for this, if I’m committed and I have the right mindset about it (meaning true belief that I can do it) I’ll keep going. That commitment is what has really made the difference for me this time around.” - Kristin

TheProgressProject Podcast

Here’s a few things you can physically do to help when feeling stuck:

  1. Changing your environment or connecting with nature

  2. Rest!

  3. Connecting with your body and breath

  4. Connect with others

  5. Once you’ve had a proper break, try just a little

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