Ep. 58 How to Selflessly Take Care of Yourself with Rio Grange

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You can’t pour from an empty cup! And yet we often try to survive by running on empty and forgetting to do the things that make us feel happy and fulfilled. Today we’re chatting with Rio Grange, the creator of the company Work & Wonder about this topic and how we can take care of ourselves -- and not feel guilty about it.

We talked about:

  1. Practical ways to balance work and passions with regular life and motherhood

  2. How we can fill our cup so we have the resources to draw from

  3. The things we think will fill our cup but then just drains right back out

  4. How we can avoid feeling selfish for taking this time for ourselves

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Meet Rio

Rio Grange lives in a small town in Idaho with her husband and two adorable kiddos. She is the creator of Work + Wonder- a beautiful company on a mission to create products that help others engage in the work daily and marvel at the wonders of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She makes these beautiful workbooks for General Conference.

Rio Grange Work & Wonder

Caring for a family & running a business can get busy to say the least! And sometimes it can feel like you’re pouring from an empty cup!

Do you feel like you’re pouring from an empty cup some days?

Rio shares some great ways that you can selflessly take care of yourself without the guilt.

If you have some responsibilities that make you feel spread a little too thin some days…then this episode is for you!

Tips From The Episode

Using longer block-scheduling chunks to make sure you have the time to focus on that day’s work. When you’re working you can be there for several hours, be efficient, and get it done. Compartmentalize in big chunks. -Rio

TheProgressProject Podcast

Letting go of guilt about being a working mother or taking time for yourself:

“Maybe it’s possible to just decide. You feel the guilt but you can say, oh I’ve already thought this through, I’m confident that I’m doing the thing that I’m meant to be doing -- and that God wants me to do -- that makes me a better human and I have decided that there’s no room for guilt here. And that’s that. It’s not that I have to keep justifying myself. It’s that I’ve already decided and I’ve gotten the confirmation I’m on the right path. From now on, when that feeling comes up, I can see it as an old habitual thought and remind myself I don’t need to feel that anymore. It’s a habit to create to deal with the feelings that come up.” - Kristin

Whether you have a side project, passion or job- REMEMBER:

“The decision has been made and we’re just wasting precious energy when we give into that feeling of guilt and regret…. The feeling and that prompting came to start when it did. There wasn’t an option to wait. The Lord will create the path. He’ll go before me and make that possible.” -Rio

“Choose the path forward and then stick with it until it’s not the right path forward anymore.” -Kristin

Filling Your Cup

“I was completely empty, I was completely drained because I had not filled my cup. I had not done anything but work…. I had nothing left to give. What does fill my cup? What is that outside of the hats that I normally wear of being a business owner and a mother and a wife? What is it that just fills personally my very own cup so I can start getting my energy back to do these other responsibilities?” -Rio

“If it’s possible, schedule those things regularly so you can avoid the up and down and slumps of being exhausted.”


“The things that fill our cup are the things that require something from us too…. When I do require just a little bit more of myself whether it’s physical exertion or something out and about in the world or in nature or requiring just a little bit more of my mind by reading a book instead of watching a show. Or maybe it’s just having a conversation with somebody instead of shutting down and being alone. Just pushing yourself to do a little bit more to START doing the thing that you know will be better for you. That can kind of get you over the hump and remind you of why that’s worthwhile. And then you come out the other side and you are rejuvenated and refreshed and fulfilled.” -Kristin

Why it’s NOT selfish to take time for yourself

“We’re telling ourselves, ‘Okay I love myself so much and I respect myself so much that I want to give myself this time so that I can be proud at the end of the day.’ I think you can say that with any of the scenarios. ‘I love my kids so much, that I want them to have the best version of me, and to do that I need to take time here. I want to show my husband love and patience, but to do that I need this.’ And then for work too, if I want to put my best food forward as a business, I have to take time away, especially in the creative industry…. It’s the way we present it to ourselves and to the people we love if it’s selfish or not.

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