Ep. 61 Using Visualization to Create Your Future

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In today’s episode we’re talking about using visualization to create your future.

Have you ever felt like the actions you’re taking aren’t actually helping you change or make real progress?

We’re talking about how powerful visualization can be to help us actually make things happen when we haven’t been able to with actions alone. This has been a life-changing concept for us!

By visualization, we just mean intentionally teaching your brain new thoughts that will create the mindset shifts you want and inspire new, powerful action.

We chat about:

  1. How Kristin has been using visualization over the last couple months to manage her time better, be more creative, feel more successful, and more

  2. Why it works

  3. A few different ways to experiment with visualization

  4. Ideas for what to visualize & how to choose which to focus on

  5. How Laura uses visualization to maintain relationships with her dad and other loved ones who have passed away

  6. Why we think our brains are capable of so much more than we know!

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Recap of Episode

Wait, what exactly does visualization mean?

Visualization= Intentionally teaching your brain new thoughts that will create the future you want.

It’s an extra-powerful way to change your thoughts, which is the first step to any change.

“When you visualize in your mind, it lays the first neural pathway in your brain of how it’s supposed to be, what you’ll do, how you’ll act, how it will look, and what it will be like. So when you’re doing it for real, it’s not the first time. Your brain has been there before, it knows what to do and what it should think and the actions you should take.” - Kristin

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Our 5 Favorite Things to Visualize:

  • Imagining & creating your future

    • Imagining all the details of the person you’re trying to be

    • The life you want, environment, people, etc.

  • Improving a relationship (imagine someone you’re struggling with)

    • Practice in your mind how you want to be with this person

    • How you think and feel when you’re with them

    • What you might say

    • What you love about them

  • Communication with God

    • Could be an extension of praying

    • Close your eyes and picture God, Jesus Christ, or Heavenly Mother sitting with you or talking with you

  • Maintaining relationships with loved ones who have passed away

    • Picturing every detail of them

    • Remembering them

    • Talking to them

  • Picturing what you hope for a loved one

    • Can be powerful when multiple people do the same thing

  • Anything else you want!

How to Use Visualization

  • As a way to teach your brain a new thought about what you’re capable of

  • As part of meditation

  • Just close your eyes and think about the positive things you want

How We Use Visualization

  • To determine the thoughts we want to believe

  • Write those thoughts down every morning

    • If we can, we record some evidence of them being true

    • Or just write the thoughts, sometimes in different wording.


“I’m coming to believe that there’s so much more that we can ask of our brains to help us make progress in life or to make any changes rather than just focusing on using willpower or the surface-level actions that we’re always trying to solve our problems with. Those things are obviously important -- we should always take action where we can. But sometimes we miss that deeper change and that can come from something like visualization. From focusing your mind on the thing that you’re trying to improve. Asking yourself the hard questions, doing the work of creating better thoughts, and teaching yourself to believe them.”

- Kristin Brown

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