Ep. 60 What To Do When You Don't Feel Good Enough

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This episode is for anyone who is feeling weighed down with overwhelm, inadequacy, or just feeling like they aren’t up for a challenge they’re facing.

We share why looking to our past can be so effective at managing current struggles and how to find the strength to face the next mountain you need to climb!

We chat about:

  1. The power in remembering and acknowledging our past successes both for ourselves and loved ones

  2. Nine easy ways to acknowledge the good in our day to day lives.

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Don’t Feel Good Enough?

Highlights From The Episode

  1. “Sometimes we get so bogged down by what we’re lacking and we focus on what we haven’t accomplished and what still needs to get done and what we’ll do someday. All of that just feels so overwhelming to be always focusing on the future. We let that hold us back from doing what we want to do and what we feel called to do.” - Laura

  2. “I really believe that the things that we face, whether it’s something hard or something new and exciting that’s just big and scary and going to challenge us, that our lives are designed to prepare and equip us for those things as we get to them.” - Kristin

  3. “Just trusting in the process that you are equipped to handle this and when you look back at what you’ve accomplished already and let yourself feel pride and confidence from those things -- then you are able to face the thing in front of you with confidence and not insecurity.” -Kristin


Easy Ways To Acknowledge What You’ve Already Accomplished

  1. Review the past week or month and write down what you’ve done that you’re proud of.

  2. Do A 5 minute meditation focusing on positive affirmations of who you already are.

  3. Read through past journal entries to see how far you’ve come.

  4. Revisit the past with old pictures of yourself or favorite songs from a time you love remembering.

  5. Ask a loved one something they’ve noticed you’ve accomplished

  6. Keep a running “Ta-da!” list instead of a to-do list.

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