Ep. 65 How to Fit Reading Into Your Life

How to fit reading into your life. The Progress Project Podcast episode 65

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Today’s episode is all about reading! We both love getting lost in a novel and learning through really great nonfiction books so we had a chat about the reading life and how to find more time to fit it into our lives.

We chatted about:

  1. Figuring out what kind of books you like

  2. Knowing how you like to read and different ways to fit it in

  3. How to get excited about reading if you’re in a slump or haven’t read for a while

  4. How to find great book recommendations

  5. Making time for reading

Recap of Episode

Here’s a few great and easy ways to get excited about reading again when you’ve been too busy or just haven’t read in a while.

How to get excited about reading again (or for the first time!).

1. Find the right books!

  • Read what you like

  • Don’t be afraid to abandon a book

  • Recognize specifically what you like and dislike about a book so you can find more like it

2. Reading is the best way to get education for FREE or very cheap.

  • The library or free kindle books can be your new best friend!

3. Learn HOW you like to read

  • Kindle, physical books, audiobooks? What works best for you!

  • You don’t have to stick to one way, try out a few and see what works for ya right now.

4. Find a good resource for book recommendations

How To Make time For Reading

Part of making time is being excited about what you’re reading. If you’re loving the book you’re in, it’s hard to stay away and you’ll FIND the time.

Use a variety of methods to read (like having a Kindle book and an audiobook going at the same time)

Try using small pockets of time in your day

  • Use reading to transition between activities in your day

  • Read instead of scrolling social media to fill those little breaks in the day

  • Read while nursing or rocking a baby

  • While kids are playing

Use longer stretches of free time on the weekends to get a lot of reading in

Just make it a priority! But also give yourself grace for when it doesn’t fit in so easily.

A Few Of Our Favorite Books Of all Time

Kristin’s favorites:



Laura’s favorites:



Our favorite children’s books:

What’s Are Your Favorites?

We’d really love to hear what your favorite books are!!! Feel free to comment below or message us on instagram @jointheprogressproject.

We both love getting lost in a novel and learning through really great nonfiction books so we had a chat about the reading life and how to find more time to fit it into our lives. We talk about the different ways you can fit reading into your life again if you’ve been extra busy or just haven’t read in awhile. Plus we share how to find great book recommendations.

Thanks to Whitney Henrie, Lorren Lemmons, and Cindy Steel for their contributions and advice about the reading life!

Links Mentioned in this episode:

  • A great Summer Reading Guide by modernmrsdarcy.com

  • Goodreads: A fabulous way to find new books, read helpful reviews and see what others are reading.

  • Kristin’s Goodreads page

  • Kristin’s 17 all-time favorite books

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