Ep. 17 The Magic of Creativity with Tessa Lee Brown

Photograph taken by Breanne Clinger

Photograph taken by Breanne Clinger

Today we have an incredible guest with us to talk about the magic of creativity.

Tessa Brown is a painter and writer and she tells us the story of deciding to pursue a career as an artist and her amazing experience with visualizing it into reality -- it’s a simple exercise anyone can do to start the process for themselves!

We each share our experiences and ideas about using visualization in our lives and how powerful it can be to make our dreams happen. We also discuss managing the fear that comes along with creativity and how to make fear useful for our progress.

This is one of our FAVORITE episodes ever and we’re so excited to share Tessa’s brilliance with all of you!

Follow Tessa on Instagram @tessaleeart or find her work on her website at tessaleeart.com

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Our Favorite Things This Week

Kristin's: If you like our podcast, you'll love this one! Brooke Snow podcast Kristin's favorite episodes have been episode 4-Taking the Weight Off and episode 5-Line Upon Line

Laura's: A fun historical fiction that's great if you're looking for a "get lost in a book" this summer - The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley

All the links mentioned in this episode

Here's a picture of Laura's sea glass collection she talked about in the beginning of the episode. Fun fact: Did you know that it takes about 30 to 40 years to turn glass into sea glass?

Here are Kristin's new shelves she just put up and you can see how beautiful Tessa's artwork looks!


One of more of Tessa's art pieces that Kristin bought and framed!


Not sure if we should mention the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. We only mentioned it like 80 times in this episode haha! If you've haven't read it, we highly recommend it. You can buy it on Amazon HERE.

Interview with Tim Ferriss and Scott Adams of Dilbert that inspired Tessa to write down her goal 15 times a day, every day! 

Here's a peak at some of Tessa's beautiful work

Titled My babies: One seen, one felt, both always with me

Titled My babies: One seen, one felt, both always with me

Title of artwork: She is both lost and found. Photographed by Breanne Clinger

Title of artwork: She is both lost and found. Photographed by Breanne Clinger

You can follow Tessa on Instagram @tessaleeart

or view and purchase her beautiful work on her website at tessaleeart.com

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