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Ep. 19 When You're Too Busy: Doing Better, Not More

In this episode, we’re talking about being BUSY. So many of us seem to be living in constant busy-mode with all the things on our schedules and more we want to fit into each day. We think about, stress about, and talk to each other about just how busy we are. But we wondered if it really needs to be this way. Is there a way we can simplify our schedules? Or even leave our schedules the way they are but change how we think and talk about them? What if 24 hours was really all the time we needed in a single day?

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Ep. 17 The Magic of Creativity with Tessa Lee Brown

Today we have an incredible guest with us to talk about the magic of creativity. Tessa Brown is a painter and writer and she tells us the story of deciding to pursue a career as an artist and her amazing experience with visualizing it into reality -- it’s a simple exercise anyone can do to start the process for themselves!

This is one of our favorite episodes ever and we’re so excited to share Tessa’s brilliance with all of you!

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Ep. 12 Overcoming Worry and Anxiety

Today our conversation is for the chronic worrier. Both of us have always been the worrying type so we shared a few tips and strategies that have helped us overcome it.

We discuss the question that can help you find out whether your worrying is excessive and three specific tips to help you stop those anxious feeling in their tracks. We also talk about how worrying is a choice and how to use it as a “trigger thought” to replace worry with a better feeling like gratitude or peace. Finally, we talk about many of our worries just being thought habits that we can change for our benefit.

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