Ep. 59 How to Finish Things

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In our episode today, we’re chatting about FINISHING things. We got a great question about this from our friend recently and knew it needed to become an entire episode.

We talked about:

  1. Changing your language about whether or not you’re a finisher

  2. Using very small, achievable goals or tasks to get a bigger thing done

  3. How to choose what to give your focus to when you have lots of creative passions and ideas

  4. How to harness momentum to keep going once you start

  5. How different creative pursuits can serve each other

  6. Where to start if you’re not feeling motivated or excited by starting at the beginning

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  • We based this episode on a question from one of our listeners & friends. You can follow our friend Cindy & her families adventures & beautiful photography on Instagram @travelnursefamily

Here’s Cindy and her cute family!

Here’s Cindy and her cute family!

Three Steps For Finishing Things

*especially when you have lots of creative ideas & dreams

  1. Break down the big idea or goal into small, achievable chunks.

    Commit to small, achievable things to keep things super simple and low stress as you get started

    “We expect these big changes from ourselves and God but the power really does come from tiny changes -- enough tiny shifts to get you on the right track.” - Kristin Brown

  2. Focus on ONE thing at a time and let go of the others ( just for a while!).

    Committing fully to it for a short period of time can be really powerful

  3. Use momentum and creative energy. Once you get started, more ideas start to flow.

    Know that you’ll get MORE creativity and energy once you get going — trust that the creative process works like that!

Photography by Cindy Steel

Photography by Cindy Steel

How Do You Know What To Let Go?

“Asking yourself ‘Am I doing this because I feel like I should be doing it? Or am I doing this because I really in my heart feel a desire to do this?’ If you don’t have that, then maybe it’s something that you can let go of.” - Laura Farr

Are You Scared to Finish?

*Sometimes we’re scared to finish something because then we’ll have to do something with it!

Find where the fear is, and then discover what you need to do to be okay with it.

As long as you know in your heart what you truly need to do creatively, then maybe you can just let that fear be part of it and not tie yourself so much to an outcome of your creativity.

But I think an important part of it is being willing to share it and put it out in the world and let it live outside yourself.

Photography by Cindy Steel

Photography by Cindy Steel

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