Ep. 13 Helpful Tips for Documenting Family Life With Kylie Whiting

The Best ways to document family life

Today we’re sharing our first interview-style episode with a conversation with photographer and designer Kylie Whiting.

Kylie shared her top three tips for photographing your children, her method for organizing and backing up all those photos we take, and how she creates her beautiful family yearbooks.

We also discuss how we each approach documenting family life beyond photography.

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Here are all the links we talked about in this episode. Enjoy! 

Our Favorite Things This Week:

Kristin- Bunheads on Hulu

  • Kristin's new tv show she's been liking this week

Laura- When There is Hope by Elizabeth Smart

  • Laura just finished this book and found it eye opening and inspiring

Links Mentioned: 

We had so many ideas this episode of different companies to use for photo storage, making photo albums and other ways to document your family. 

SmugMug - Kristin uses this to store her photos on the cloud

Dropbox - Kylie and Laura use this to store their photos on the cloud

We all agreed you can’t rely on any one service for backing up your photos!

Make sure you always backup to a hard drive AND a cloud service.

If possible, having a printed version of your very favorites is great to have as a backup too.  

Artifact Uprising -  Kylie uses this company to make her beautiful photo books and loves the linen covers. Here are some examples of Kylie Whiting's photo books she's made. 

Here's an example of some of Kylie's photo books.

Aren't they gorgeous?!

Shutterfly - Kristin uses this company to make her family photo books. She likes it because the program to make your books is very user friendly and there are always discounts to make a photo book at a reasonable price. 

Here's an example of Kristin's family photo books. They're so cute! 

Feel overwhelmed with making photo books? Here are some great alternatives!

Chatbooks - A less overwhelming way of making family photo books.

Mpix - The company Kristin uses for making her square prints.

Square prints are a great idea if you feel overwhelmed by making a photo book. Just print a few to stick on the fridge or wherever and enjoy! 

Here's what Kristin's square prints look like. Aren't they the cutest?

Square prints that are so cute

Journals are another great way to document your family.

Kristin Loves using these Promptly journals for her twins. 

We also talk about having a journal as a couple and writing letters back and forth to each other. 

Kylie also shared how she has set up an email account for her little girls and Kylie and her husband write little letters to them and sometimes include a cute picture or video. Such a great idea! 

Have Questions for our guest Kylie Whiting?

You can find our amazing guest Kylie at http://www.kyliewhiting.com/ or on Instagram @kyliewhiting

We'd love for you to join the conversation on Instagram @jointheprogressproject

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We'd love to hear how you document your family! Did you like our tips or have any other helpful tips?

We'd love to hear what's worked well for you! Feel free to share in the comments below. 

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