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Ep. 57 Making Mistakes & Feeling Stuck

In this episode, we’re talking about making mistakes and feeling stuck -- whether it’s a big project you’re working on, family life or a relationship, your work, or a goal of any kind. We all face resistance and obstacles in these things. Maybe you’ve made mistakes and you think you’re not cut out for this after all. Maybe you get stuck and aren’t sure of your next step. Or maybe you had a big failure and you’re considering quitting…

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Ep. 56 The Power of a Daily Spiritual Practice

Today’s episode is all about the incredible results we’ve had from incorporating a daily spiritual practice. A spiritual practice is all about setting aside a few minutes each day to connect spiritually -- whatever that means to you. It could be meditation, prayer, scripture study, journaling, or any other activity that centers you and sets you up for your day…

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Ep. 55 Planning Your Next Adventure With Emily & Erik Orton

We are excited to have the Ortons back on the podcast today to talk about planning your next adventure. Whether you’re planning a trip, a new creative project, a business, or your next set of goals, Emily & Erik are experts at using planning as a tool but not letting it hold you back from getting started. We chatted about…

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